bring on septemer!

about eight weeks ago our family went from three to four! since then i’ve had few goals;  take care of my sweet lucas, gain full strength from surgery, keep my three year old fed and entertained, and maintain a clean house. so, i may not have every single one of those goals mastered, i am, however, ready to get my ass off the couch!  ha! why do i feel like i’m going to regret this?

lucky for me, i will start my september on vacation! hahaha…. yeah, not as lucky as it seems….. enter challenge number 1. as anyone with small children know, “vacationing” with small kids is never a vacation.  you end up packing 6x the amount you normally pack and you still won’t have everything ~in my case, a rocking chair! and, in one single day, your baby & toddler will lose all routines established, which, inevitably, takes (at least) two months to get back on track. nevertheless, i will be at the beach, which is always a good thing.

challenge number 2 & 3. establish a schedule! start exercising again! drew will be back to preschool 3 days a week, forcing me to get three of us dressed, fed, and out the door   o n    t i m e!  after i drop off drew, i will head over to the Y and challenge myself not only to get  to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I also drop my 2 month old off with the wonderful ladies at child watch. i am so grateful for those women and the 45 min break, but yeah,  never fun testing out a small babies immune system! oh the germs! sounds like a challenge for lucas 😦

even though it’s not my personal challenge, i just have to add that the most exciting challenge of the month, by far, will be for my brother and his fiance! their journey from the philippines to the u.s. will surly trump all i have in store. i am beyond excited for them to be permanent residents in north carolina!!! yay! i get to see my brother whenever i want and finally meet his beautiful fiance. welcome to the u.s. nadia! ❤

last on my planned list of challenges; a 30 day photo challenge. i’m super excited about this. it’s something i’ve wanted to do for years now, but never had the motivation to do so. i finally found my motivation, my good friend denecia!! the two of us decided to take on a photography project this month, so, get ready, because everyday for the month of september i am challenging myself to shooting, editing, and posting a picture to this very blog.

ready or not, here i come september!

it would just be weird if i were to post without inserting a picture…


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