2011. myrtle beach, sc. family vacation

the past two years, we have taken our “rice family vacation” to myrtle beach, south carolina. lucky for us, my husband’s childhood friend, wife and daughter have driven from Louisiana {13 hours!!!} to spend the week with us. their daughter, milleigh, and drew were inseparable the whole week, spending as much time as possible in the sand and in the pool!

so… not nearly the amount of pictures i had anticipated… seems as though holding a baby *and* a camera is much more difficult than expected.

can’t wait for next year!!

ISO 100    50mm   f2.8   1/2000

ISO 100    50mm   f2.8   1/1250

ISO 100   50mm   f4.5   1/640

ISO 100       50mm     f/2.2       1/1250

ISO 100     50mm     f/2.2     1/3200

ISO 100       50mm     f/4.5     1/640

ISO 100      50mm       f/2.8      1/4000

ISO 100    50mm       f/4.5     1/640

ISO 100       50mm        f/4.5       1/640

ISO 100     50mm   f/4.5  1/640


2 thoughts on “2011. myrtle beach, sc. family vacation

  1. oh no! 1600 is the highest mine will go, if i kept it up that high i’d have soooo much noise (grain). i try to keep it as low as possible with this camera…. the biggest reason i’d like to upgrade my body is so i can up the ISO and still get clean shots. it would make shooting indoors so much more enjoyable!!!

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