photo challenge. day twenty. what i read

holy moly! day twenty?! i can’t believe i’m still excited to post these challenges!! and not to mention, i’m actually writing more!? woah!

alright, so these are the books on my nightstand. the top “The Little Book of Meaning” is pretty good… started it over a year ago when traveling to visit my cousins in the bay area, and just never picked it back up once my traveling ended. it opened my eyes to a lot of different ways of thinking, which is always nice. i started “Belly Laughs” at the beginning of my last pregnancy, and yeah… never finished that one either. it is pretty funny and i love that it’s a gift from my bestie Kristin… but something about reading & morning sickness just didn’t mix. the two emily griffin books are ones my sister in law let me borrow, which i’ve never even opened {sorry ash!!! just haven’t had time!} the bottom two, Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Books, II & III are the only ones i’ve actually read, front to back, in the stack and reference time and again. both are very easy to read and informative… i do recommend.

ISO400    50mm      f/1.8      1/13


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