photo challenge. day twenty-one. pretty pattern

i loooove this pattern!

i saw these cushions at tj maxx last spring and had to have them. they are so bright and fun, when i look at them, they just make me feel good! our whole house is super neutral, lots {tons} of browns, and very matchy-matchy… definitely more my husbands style. i, on the other hand, love BRIGHT, bold colors that don’t necessarily match, but compliment each other. which is how i’ve decorated my breakfast nook.{woohoo, i get one room to do what i want with!} i have white furniture with lots of random colored dishes and art on the wall, it’s so fun! doesn’t really match our kitchen colors, orange-y – rustic browns, but whatever. i like it!

it’s about that time to switch out some spring/summer decorations for the fall/winter… and, i’m not going to lie, i’m having a really hard time packing up these cushions!  i am totally not ready for the fall season, not one bit! there is something about the colder weather, greyer skies and dying leaves that’s just icky!! bleh! who needs it when we can have bright green trees, blue skies, warm sun, & long days. :::sigh::: six more months, and it will be back! but in the meantime, i think i’ll keep the cushions and just deal with the fact that my bowl of fake pumpkins is never going to match the pretty pattern on my cushions.



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