tractor ride


ISO 200     50mm    f/2.0    1/1000


photo challenge. day twenty eight. green living

ever since i was a little girl, the idea of ‘saving the planet’ seemed to cool! i would recycle cans, never – ever- litter, and i even planted a tree with my second grade class… i thought i was a real deal tree hugger! but, when i attended college in boone nc, i realized i wasn’t nearly as crunchy as i always thought. if you’ve ever been to boone, that’s where the tree-huggers are! no shaving, minimal showers & clothes, no deodorant… eeek! that’s hardcore, no way i could go that far! but could i? even though i enjoy smooth armpits and like to brush my hair, i was still hopeful i could do a little more than the average person.

through the years, i’ve done a few things here and there, but it wasn’t until i had my first kid when i took a few steps further to protect this amazing planet. it’s kind of crazy how having children has opened my eyes to the insane amounts of wasteful things! maybe it’s just the new trend in marketing over the past 5 years, or simply that i have more time to think about it… but man, is out of control!

one of my favorite ways of green living is cloth diapering. not only do i feel good about reducing waste & feel good that i’m not leaving chemicals on my babies skin all day long, they are pretty freaking cute!

my latest goal is to reduce my use of paper towels!!! omg, i could go through a roll in two days. half of it for cleaning, the other half while cooking. it’s outrageous. for a while now, i’ve been guiltily ripping a sheet off the roll and releasing a sigh as i throw it in the trash. but, after a few trips to, my lovely neighbor, Laura’s house, and watching her do completely paper-less, i saw it’s super easy! thankfully, over the past few months i’ve stocked up on extra hand towels for cooking,  i bought separate towels for cleaning, and i have small hand towels for drew to wipe his hands on.  i’m not sure why i chose now, but the last roll of paper ran out three days ago, and you know what? i just never refilled it. and it’s totally fine!! so much anxiety for nothing! ok, so my husband is not so cool with it yet, but he’ll get used to it. even Drew has the routine down. yay!

no more paper towels!

ISO 800   50mm   f/2.0   1/100

napkins & tissues

ISO 800   50mm f/2.0  1/250

cleaning towels

ISO 100    50mm    f/2.5   1/20

{pumpkin patch}

so, it only took three trips to the pumpkin patch before i actually got some pictures…

as you can see, Drew was much more interested in playing than posing, that’s ok with me!! i just can’t wait until next year when i can get both boys in the shot.

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