practicing for a project on CM.




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my idea for today was to get a shot of the moon, because the past two night’s it’s been so clear… but actually attempting the shot was  a giant FAIL. for one, it was really chilly… and two, i really need to read up on tips. Just off hand, i will need mt tripod and remote shutter.  maybe tonight.

anyway, what i do have is an entry to a contest I entered on CM for a free seat in Lightroom 101 course.The challenge was to show why you need to speed up your workflow with LR and a corresponding picture, this was my entry:

i’ve been using LR for a little over a year now. I know quite a bit about it, but not nearly everything. I wish i had a more efficient exporting system and have NO CLUE how the pictures get grouped upon import… so i sift through “all images” to get where i need to be. i just havent had time to really sit down and “figure it out” because, to be honest, the actual editing has taken precedent thus far! Oh, and I’d LOVE to know more about the curves. And, because not only do i spend all week taking care of my two boys and keeping up with the house, on my one full day off with another adult in the house, i spend free time making baby food.


ok, so today is a cheat day…

it’s the first day i didn’t take a picture with my ‘real’ camera :-/

i’m not feeling 100% (lost my voice, head is in a fog, and very little energy). we had a birthday party and decided to go to mass tonight instead of tomorrow morning. but what i DID do was re-edit a picture of Lucas as a newborn. I recently calibrated my monitor (thank you Mom!!!) and now see things COMPLETELY different. I am shocked at the difference and almost embarrassed I thought some of my processing looked good, when clearly it’s way off now that I’m calibrated. You can see my monitor was very cool, so i was overcompensating with the yellows to get the white balance correct. and maybe you can’t tell on you monitor, it may be cool as well, but there is clearly a difference between the two.

so here are my two entries. a past shot of Lucas and a cell phone picture of Drew at the birthday party.




superhero party


this is what i did today…. and every other day of the week.

a diaper load.

and two runner ups from today and yesterday….

can’t decide if this is too crazy or neat. haha… they say never open up your aperture all the way, and this is why!!


25/366~ hanging out

as i was tossing toys into bins, i noticed spiderman decided to hang out by himself instead of with his friends inside the bin.

tommy, if you’re reading this… as soon as i saw him hanging, it reminded me of your picture!!! 🙂


the sun sets in our living room each night, no really, you don’t want to be sitting in the recliner or the couch when it’s happening unless you’re wearing sunglasses. but every evening, i’m captivated by the light! the one shot i featured today is with the light directly on his face, the other in the slide show are with back lighting with the sun coming through Drew’s window.

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23/366 {rainy day}

today we pulled out the puzzles {ALL THE PUZZLES}

since available light was, well, not available, i decided to used my flash. not my favorite, but something i need to work on.

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oops. just realized i added the wrong watermark. might fix later, but right now, i gotta make dinner!!