santa claus is coming to town!

christmas eve breakfast 🙂




not excited that he has to go to bed

santa is messy!




2 thoughts on “santa claus is coming to town!

  1. the ‘cars’ toy looks awesome! i want to sit in it and play! lol…and your aprons are adorable 🙂 oh & lastly, we totally skimped on feeding Santa compared to you guys- he got the last 2 leftover thin mint cookies, haha!

    • the santa cookies were totally saved by the tub of cookie dough i bought from the kids across the street…. i don’t think i would’ve made any from scratch. and we always fed the reindeer when we were kids, so i wanted to pass it along to my kiddos. he LOOOOOOVVVEEES the mcqueen! he’s in it now, and actually really good at racing on the Wii. insane how an almost 4yr old can pick up on that stuff. Yay! my mom got us the christmas aprons! 🙂

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