honestly, there are moments he doesn’t have his computer in his hands. 😉

iso 400 50mm f/2.8  1/60


7 thoughts on “12/366

    • it’s so bad Nicky. I have visions of him never leaving the basement because he’s glued to his video games, and we don’t even HAVE a basement!!! that location is really cool, there’s a cut out from the kitchen into the playroom. every day when i’m cleaning or cooking i get to see the boys playing… i need to get a wide angle shot to get the full effect.

    • hehe! nah, he just loved sitting in the trash can like “the guy on the Elmo show”. he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing too, has to show all our guests that he can sit in the trash can! 🙂

  1. Which device is that? How do you like it? I have been looking at some computers like that for my girls who are toddlers/preschoolers just so they will keep their little hands off of my iPad!

    Adorable photo! I love that he is so into his game that he didn’t even look up to see you taking his pic!

    • it’s a v-tech inotab. and i was surprised he enjoys is as much as he does since he’s so into the ipad. i think it’s awesome since the games are all geared in an educational way, unlike the ipad.

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