ok, so today is a cheat day…

it’s the first day i didn’t take a picture with my ‘real’ camera :-/

i’m not feeling 100% (lost my voice, head is in a fog, and very little energy). we had a birthday party and decided to go to mass tonight instead of tomorrow morning. but what i DID do was re-edit a picture of Lucas as a newborn. I recently calibrated my monitor (thank you Mom!!!) and now see things COMPLETELY different. I am shocked at the difference and almost embarrassed I thought some of my processing looked good, when clearly it’s way off now that I’m calibrated. You can see my monitor was very cool, so i was overcompensating with the yellows to get the white balance correct. and maybe you can’t tell on you monitor, it may be cool as well, but there is clearly a difference between the two.

so here are my two entries. a past shot of Lucas and a cell phone picture of Drew at the birthday party.




superhero party


One thought on “28/366

  1. Holy smokes look at the difference! I was doing the SAME thing until I got my spyder. Everyone looked jaundice! This is a great NB pic, you did such a good job 🙂 I love it. GREAT re-edit…

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