65/366 {ommm}

i’ve been looking for a new yoga mat since my old one is all dingy from the garage workouts. So, today while inTJmaxx, i saw a decent one with a block (i’ve always wanted a block!!), i decided to pick it up. Drew was really excited, about the new ‘map’ and block (he mostly kicked the block around). I asked him if he wanted to do yoga with me and he said yeah!  i pulled up some kids yoga videos on youtube to teach him some basics. he was interested in the first… oh… 3 minutes. haha, 4 years olds do NOT sit still.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(i’ve tried my hardest to hide these couches up until this point… but there not much i can do with these shots.. LOL!!)


2 thoughts on “65/366 {ommm}

  1. Ha ha, I love the down dog one! The bw conversions are great, and I know, photography makes you want to buy all new furniture and paint everything white in your house, and take a wrecking ball to all power lines and neighbor’s houses and cars, they just get in the way of a pretty picture 😉

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