rainbow cupcake {daily photo}

Ok, let’s make it official…

bye bye 365, :’-( you were too big for me this year. but i’m not ready to give up on my challenge completely, so i’m going to keep it optimistic and rename my project to “daily photo”. πŸ™‚ wish me luck with this new journey!!

onto the photos…

i signed up for Drew’s class party this month which was St. Patrick’s Day and the only thing i can ever think of to make are cupcakes. so, off to pinterest & google i went. there were lots of examples, but i stuck as close to this one as possible. i made a few tweaks (putting the batter in the baggies), but stuck to the recipe.

Β i think all in all, they turned out good. ended up a little large, but pretty and tasty!


3 thoughts on “rainbow cupcake {daily photo}

  1. You need to stop with all this adorable homemade stuff – I am feeling inadequate πŸ™‚ Great storytelling from start to finish, love the last one – the empty rainbow cupcake paper! This sseries is perfect for week 4 of shooting 201 πŸ˜‰

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