santa claus is coming to town!

christmas eve breakfast 🙂




not excited that he has to go to bed

santa is messy!




thanksgiving {family fun}

playing a little catch up – posting all the pics i’ve taken since my little hiatus




 baby love.

two little indians eating thanksgiving breakfast

little indians making cookies!

{ btw, best cookies ever!!}

 little indians playing outside…

little indians play inside…

and sometimes, little indians need to rest.

while the indians play, we cook

and the joys of getting 4 boys under the age of 4 to sit still


picture day!

this morning while pulling out D’s clothes, i remembered today was picture day!

so, it’s not that i think his picture wont turn out well, because, come on, let’s face it, it would be hard for someone this cute to make a bad picture, haha! but, i just knew his hair would never hold up 😉 which is why i decided to take our own school pictures. plus i was dying to use the favorites idea posted by DrewB over at momtogs. super cute, right?!

my {sweet} little guinea pig

i love this little boy!! i can always count on him to give me at least 5 minutes of camera time when i’m in the mood to try something new. it used to be 5 minutes was not even close to enough time to get 3 acceptable shots, but as i’m growing and learning, i’m getting more usable shots in a shorter amount of time. woohoo!!!

so, i finally splurged & got a 5-in-one reflector {haha, yup. splurged  14 dollars, k maybe i finally got up off the couch and grabbed my credit card }. although i’ve read a lot about reflecting and diffusing light, i still don’t really know what i’m doing, like everything else, i suppose it’s all about trial and error.  i do notice a subtle difference, esp in the eyes, which makes me happy.

as far as processing, i thought i’d obsess over work on b&w conversion. i like how these look, but still feel like i’m missing something! maybe if i walk away, uncross my eyes, i’ll be able to to see what needs adjusting.

if anyone has any fun tips on how to best use a reflector, please share 🙂


ISO 100   50mm    f/1.6    1/500