photo challenge. oct 6. feet

thought this was cute because it looks like a reverse thumbs up


ISO 800     50mm     f/1.6     1/160


photo challenege. day nineteen. where i slept

day nineteen was a little challenging for a few reasons. one, i like to get up first thing and make my bed {brush my teeth, take vitamins, etc…} before i allow myself to “play”. so yeah. i thought i was doing good by getting my morning chores out of the way, only to find out a picture of a made bed doesnt capture day nineteen quite as well as a bed that looks like it’s been slept in. so, yeah, that’s why i’m a day late on this one. so, this morning i literally just rolled out of bed. also, i can’t help but think it’s a little weird to take pictures of my messy bed… so i tried to get an interesting perspective, not just a “hey there’s someones bed and look, they didn’t even make it!” haha, not sure i accomplished my goal, but hey. i did my assignment, right?!!

did i mention i still haven’t made the bed today? i blame the photo challenge!!

ISO 1600      18mm      f3.5      1/30