myrtle beach 2012

the first batch of many 🙂



it’s been too long….

since i’ve shared pictures!!!!

I plan to catch up over the next week to post some of the things i’ve learned last month… but for now, here are some shots i got of Drew this morning.

this first one was from the strawberry patch yesterday (the whole trip was somewhat of an “ordeal” but, i will be going back once i plan on the right day and time).

enjoy 🙂



what a difference shooting someone ELSE’S child makes! A beautiful – cooperative girl at that!!! I had all this time and she never stopped smiling, i honestly didn’t know what to do!! Thank you Evie and Sharon, for the easiest shoot I’ve had in months 😉

The way I view {happiness}

It’s April! That means it’s time for the CM blog circle, “the way i view”…. and this month is “Happiness”.

This is my brother holding his daughter just hours after she was born. I chose this image, because, well… there is not much in life that is stronger than the happiness you feel while holding your first born child. I also like the image because of the composition, i forced myself to step back and really take a look at what i was capturing. i’m a little ‘eh’ on the processing and exposure, but it’s not terrible, so that’s a plus!!

now, GO and visit the beautifully talented Carrie at Yi Li Photography and see how she views happiness