1/365 { morning mom!! }

i’ll be {trying} to post a picture every day for 365 days! my goal is to grow as a photographer and get lots of images to share with my family and keep for my kids to see when they get older.

i always love when you leave comments ♥

here is day one of 365:


more unconventional light

ugh, been forever since i’ve uploaded. i miss my 30 day challenges!!! since i’ve had some extra time, i’ve started logging back onto clickinmoms (gotta get my monies worth 😉 ) so i’m diving head first into all their challenges and contests.

this is a spin off from the last challenge, a creative exercise for using different light sources.  here are my shots…

~ haley ~

♥ this girl!!!

we are so lucky to have Haley and her parents as neighbors. not only is it awesome to have super cool neighbors, her and drew totally adore each other! we are all so excited to see them grow up together!

{pumpkin patch}

so, it only took three trips to the pumpkin patch before i actually got some pictures…

as you can see, Drew was much more interested in playing than posing, that’s ok with me!! i just can’t wait until next year when i can get both boys in the shot.

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