Trying new things!

This morning, I took Drew out for a quick shoot. I was attempting something new, something I’ve always been told not to do… shoot wide open! Most of the time my aperture is 2.0-2.2, but today I brought it down to 1.6. It makes for some super dreamy bokeh (the creamy fuzzy background), but it pretty difficult to nail focus. She suggests a fast shutter speed, so, for the lighting (open shade) I chose 1/3200 at 400iso. I am almost positive I will have a complete failure if trying this with Lucas because he just can’t stay still… but with a 4 year old, I thought I’d give it a go.

Audrey has a very clean style, which I adore, so I tried to keep it fairly simple… but I couldn’t help but mess with those curves, just a little bit!! Over all, these are pretty snap-shoty, but I did what I could, with what Drew would give me 🙂

check out Audry’s work!! 


6 thoughts on “Trying new things!

  1. haha that advertisement threw me off at first! i’m like who is this man? lol.

    anywho, these are lovely. love ’em! b&w is my favorite one.

  2. So I have been trying to get better at shooting in AV mode….I have always used 1.8. I moved up to 2.0 and it was so much less frustrating with the dang blurry blurry!!!! 🙂 So thank you!

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