blue jays {daily photo}

this is the first year of organized sports for Drew, and he’s a Blue Jay! He’s sooo excited to be on the same team as all his friends!


Sawyer is ONE!

Look at how SUPER cute Sawyer’s first birthday turned out!

First of all, Kristin, you are ah-mazing! All your ideas turned out perfect and delicious. Second, HOW is Sawyer a year old?? It’s really hard to believe. Such a fun first birthday!!

(more photo booth pictures to come)

rainbow cupcake {daily photo}

Ok, let’s make it official…

bye bye 365, :’-( you were too big for me this year. but i’m not ready to give up on my challenge completely, so i’m going to keep it optimistic and rename my project to “daily photo”. 🙂 wish me luck with this new journey!!

onto the photos…

i signed up for Drew’s class party this month which was St. Patrick’s Day and the only thing i can ever think of to make are cupcakes. so, off to pinterest & google i went. there were lots of examples, but i stuck as close to this one as possible. i made a few tweaks (putting the batter in the baggies), but stuck to the recipe.

 i think all in all, they turned out good. ended up a little large, but pretty and tasty!

10/52wk {play}

this is the second time Lucas was able to play outside and, lucky for me, he loves it!!

teehee!!! first time i’ve gotten this look!! 🙂

just like his brother, i was fighting the whole time to get that thumb out of his mouth!!

hehe! he got so concerned when he heard some kids yelling for each other. and yes…. my kid only has super hero shirts :-/ smh.


thanks to a little motivation for my bestie, today me and drew started some sight words. we started with spelling his name, then reviewed the five words until he couldn’t stand it anymore. 😉 it was actually very exciting for the both of us. it’s so cute to see how proud he is of himself when he writes a letter right or reads one of the flashcards. and while me and Drew were working on his words, i look over and Lucas is up on his knees for the first time ever!! haha, my boys are awesome!!! ♥



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so, the main reason this picture makes me happy is that the sun is still out! which means, a. spring is near and b, dada got home a little early 🙂

Drew helped Daddy take the trash can out to the street and decided to race back to the house…. then had to run back to the street one more time before coming inside.

the other shots in the slideshow are taken from my little breakfast nook (inside the house). i kept walking by the window and this guy was just hanging out for a while, so i grabbed my camera, switched lenses and still got him and his friend! too bad after only three shots my battery died… LOL.

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65/366 {ommm}

i’ve been looking for a new yoga mat since my old one is all dingy from the garage workouts. So, today while inTJmaxx, i saw a decent one with a block (i’ve always wanted a block!!), i decided to pick it up. Drew was really excited, about the new ‘map’ and block (he mostly kicked the block around). I asked him if he wanted to do yoga with me and he said yeah!  i pulled up some kids yoga videos on youtube to teach him some basics. he was interested in the first… oh… 3 minutes. haha, 4 years olds do NOT sit still.

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(i’ve tried my hardest to hide these couches up until this point… but there not much i can do with these shots.. LOL!!)