there’s a baby in my bed!!



my little cuddle buddy. loves mommy & daddy’s bed





in the woods

found a good picture taking spot today, and it’s in our yard!!

Trying new things!

This morning, I took Drew out for a quick shoot. I was attempting something new, something I’ve always been told not to do… shoot wide open! Most of the time my aperture is 2.0-2.2, but today I brought it down to 1.6. It makes for some super dreamy bokeh (the creamy fuzzy background), but it pretty difficult to nail focus. She suggests a fast shutter speed, so, for the lighting (open shade) I chose 1/3200 at 400iso. I am almost positive I will have a complete failure if trying this with Lucas because he just can’t stay still… but with a 4 year old, I thought I’d give it a go.

Audrey has a very clean style, which I adore, so I tried to keep it fairly simple… but I couldn’t help but mess with those curves, just a little bit!! Over all, these are pretty snap-shoty, but I did what I could, with what Drew would give me 🙂

check out Audry’s work!! 

Sawyer, you’re growing too fast!!!

You are getting soo cute, little one!

It was fun following you around yesterday! What a smart boy you are… playing games, sliding all by yourself, even trying to leave the house… haha, such a Big Boy!!!

















our morning :)

grocery run

Next stop. Walmart.

Baby, I think we all feel this way about this store 😦

Onto Sams Club

just a little off the top please

and because he did a good job with his haircut…

toys r us.

Pageant Cutie!!

I have known this adorable little girl, Evie, for over two years now. Aside from the obvious, that she’s super gorgeous, Little Miss. Evie is incredibly bright, fun, bubbly, extra sweet, and has the perfect amount of sass!
So, it’s no surprise to anyone who knows Evie, that Sharon, Evie’s mom & my good friend, allowed Evie to enter her first Pageant this year.  Just as everyone predicted, she WAS a natural!!! She swept the pageant & won lots of well-deserved awards and prizes.
After her first pageant, Sharon and I decided to set up a shoot. My goal was not only to capture some good shots of Evie that mommy and daddy would love but to get some GREAT shots she could put in her pageant portfolio. The session was fabulous. We set up a time, picked out a few cute outfits, and even brought along hair stylist extraordinaire,  Ashley! We were all really pleased with the shots. Especially the one above Black heart (cards)
Fast forward to today and she has entered a total of 3 pageants winning bookoos of prizes, several crowns, trophies, even named Queen!!!
But, my personal favorites are the ones she won with the photographs I took, “Most Photogenic” & “Best Smile”! Sharon even entered the picture above in a Photo Contest for a brand new magazine, Just Kids. Since Evie is still so new to pageants, the photo didn’t win the cover spot, but it WAS chosen among only 10 photos that will be featured and printed in the magazine!!! Can you believe it? I am very excited for Evie to be noticed so early on in her journey and to know that I had a little part in that is such a fantastic feeling.

Love you Evie Grace!! Black heart (cards) Enjoy your moment, sweet girl!